Performance Still 'Giselle ki Kahani'

Performance Still 'Giselle ki Kahani'
Performance still from 'Giselle'

31 March 2016

work in progress: (Jan-April 2016)
This 'climate change' situation: Dr. Hara's research.
Inspired by the book 'The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

Performances 2015-2016

INTO THE BOX  Puppet performance: New Delhi, Mahabaleshwar

 INTO INNOVATION (Installation performance at the Swiss Embassy, Climate Change Office.
 Into Innovation: Installation performance: Swiss Embassy, Climate Change Office.
 Bottom of the Barrel: Performance at 'Speak Easy' Gurgaon.
The Fisherman and his Soul, Oscar Wildes Story performed with Puppetry and Object Theater.

22 May 2012

Some (in)famous Puppets
These puppets began as characters in a full story performance but over time became popular in their own right - They get invited for gigs to Fashion events; Night club Soirees and Performance happenings.
For more details you can email me at (the '0' is a zero)

Petroleum (Created in 2003)

Badsha (Created in 2011)

The Ghost (Created in 2005)

 The Prince (created in 2007)

Tillotama the Apsara (Created in 2012)

 Katran and the Dust Master (Created in 2012)

The Dutchess of Winter (Created in 1998)

The King who never saw the light of day (Created and lost in 1995)

 The Spirit Sister (Created in 2007)

The Spirit Sister (Created in 2007)